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Data Analytics

Are you struggling to use data and analytics to gain better insights into your business operations?  Do you need to predict future performance and understand what best actions to take for your business?

Top performing organizations are using analytics as a competitive differentiator. CALIBRE’s data analytics approaches provide actionable insights that enable managers and decision makers to arrive at accurate and timely decisions that can transform their organization and attain its strategic goals.  CALIBRE provides leaders in commercial business, the military, health care, and public sector the data needed to obtain deeper insights, make informed decisions, as well as increase performance.


Data Scientists and Statisticians find and interpret rich data sources; manage large amounts of data despite hardware, software, and bandwidth constraints; merge data sources; ensure consistency of datasets; create visualizations to aid in understanding data; build mathematical models using the data; and present the findings.

Data Strategists work with your leadership team, account managers, clients, and engineers to build strong, data-driven, analytical stories. The data strategist systematically organizes, aggregates, analyzes, and models data to find patterns and key findings.  CALIBRE performs critical analysis of complex data to paint a picture of an organization’s behaviors.

BI Developers design, create, develop, and test business intelligence reports to fulfill an organization’s needs, and provide related consultative analysis and support.

Database Administrators (DBA) provide expertise in architecture, design, and implementation of relational databases for applications to optimize the user interface, storage, and reporting of data tailored to the needs of the organization.  The DBA works with the application data model design/review; version control; objects management; stored procedures design and code review; environment planning and implementation; ETL extraction, transformation, and loading; design and implementation; performance tuning; documentation; and support and training.


Advanced Logistics Analytics
CALIBRE provides organizations an in-depth understanding of complex logistics services by supplying actionable information drawn from multiple data sources.  We employ focused analytics, management views, and data integration to identify and resolve today’s high-cost logistics problems.

Business Analytics and Business Case Development
CALIBRE supports organizations with articulating their desired business outcomes and objectives in measurable terms.  CALIBRE uses a systematic approach to categorize the delivered benefits (quantitative and qualitative) along with a timeframe for expected outcomes and benefits.  CALIBRE develops Journey Maps and Graphical Transformation Diagrams that pictorially show costs and benefits across a timeline.  

Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
CALIBRE offers comprehensive and innovative tools and solutions in Business Intelligence (BI) that deliver accurate, responsive, and highly tailorable decision-quality data, metrics, and reports. 

Data Analysis
CALIBRE’s data analysis solutions are designed to decipher and organize data so that it is easily understood and provides information crucial to the operation of your organization.  We develop business analytics to enable organizations to track program status and make timely operational and strategic decisions.

Data Management
CALIBRE’s data management experts assist organizations with identifying, collecting, transporting, and leveraging data for mission success. Our trained experts manage data throughout their lifecycle to ensure data quality, consistency, and security.  CALIBRE’s approach to data management supports continuous process improvement.  We provide optimized investment and operating costs while balancing mission readiness and effectiveness to meet organizational requirements.

Data Warehousing
CALIBRE offers extensive data warehousing solutions that include blueprinting, requirements definition, data design, database architecture, metadata management, and repository creation.  We ensure a consistent, well-managed, and well-integrated data warehouse infrastructure to include full Continuity of Operations (COOP) capabilities.  CALIBRE supports all major relationship databases such as MS SQL/Oracle including new NoSQL technologies like Neo4j.

Health Analytics
CALIBRE provides leading cost optimization techniques, efficiency procedures, data exploration, and modeling capabilities.  CALIBRE analyzes claims, processes, and patient flow data to understand potential improvements.  We empower organizations to address their challenges and provide cost-benefit analyses, econometric modeling, statistical analyses, and decision support.

Performance Management and Measurement
Through the application of an agile performance management and measurement methodology, CALIBRE assists organizations to reach their objectives.  We develop integrated assessments and recommendations for future actions.  CALIBRE specializes in assisting organizations through the strategic planning process, supporting data gathering and analysis, and facilitating process improvement discussions.