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Installation & Land Management

Are you able to effectively manage your limited resources to achieve the greatest return on investment and prolong the useful life of land and real property assets?

CALIBRE provides an effective sustainment program that includes environmental assessment, facility analysis, and management and sustainment of lands and property assets throughout the world.


CALIBRE provides industry-leading support and solutions to solve the most important installation resourcing requirements.

Preventative Maintenance Programs.
CALIBRE’s web-based Capital Repair and Deferred Maintenance (CRDM) software solution, Facility Intelligence Exchange FIXSM, is an organization-level data repository and decision support tool.  As a scalable and relational system, FIXSM, provides users with a foundation for informed decision making in regard to facilities condition, risk management, budget allocation, capital renewal / reinvestment, and workload planning.

Training Range and Land Management.
CALIBRE provides the most innovative science, technology, and resource management techniques, that increase the capability, availability, and accessibility to live training venues supporting soldier training today and in the future.  CALIBRE offers program development, budget formulation, execution tracking, and capital construction planning for ranges. 


Abandoned Mineral Lands (AML) Assessment and Closure
CALIBRE’s AML assessment teams use the CALIBRE Abandoned Mine Planning (CAMP) tool to assist field personnel in making appropriate and consistent decisions.  Using decision logic to identify appropriate mitigation methods for AML features, CAMP provides detailed instructions on field measurements and data needed to properly scope the closure / mitigation methods for detailed costing for the closure phase.  CALIBRE’s approach generates high-quality data gathered in a timely and cost-effective manner, and has allowed CALIBRE to successfully assess features for the U.S. Army, U.S. National Park Service, and U.S. Forest Service.

Encroachment Analysis and Mitigation
CALIBRE provides services designed to identify, analyze, avoid, remove, and mitigate encroachment through master planning, acquiring and managing buffer lands, performing change detection, and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) analysis. We have supported these analyses for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Air Force, Army, Non-profits, and Commercial oil and gas corporations. In the acquisition/planning phases, we work with organizations to develop sustainability plans to create an enduring program integrating land use, community, and environmental concerns. We facilitate cooperative growth and partnering with non-governmental organizations to address stakeholder concerns and long-term uses. To support land management, our GIS analytical services provide encroachment support through remote sensing, change detection, and proven analytical evaluation of trends and leading indicators.

Facility Asset Management
Our extensive experience with all phases of the facility lifecycle management approach empowers organizations to use their resource-constrained budgets to maximize the life and usage of their facilities.  CALIBRE conducts operational and capital budget reviews, documents staffing capabilities and service-level requirements, and identifies maintenance program opportunities for efficiency improvements and cost savings.  We also develop performance-based contract requirements and specifications to optimize out-sourced services.

Facility Condition and BUILDERTM Sustainment Management System (SMS) Assessments
CALIBRE provides engineering and management consulting, public infrastructure and facilities reviews, and business process improvement services to organizations in support of managing and maintaining scarce real property resources.  Our facility management and maintenance capabilities include specialized expertise in asset management assessments and capital planning using BUILDER™ SMS.  Our BUILDER™ experts provide tailored training courses to fit organizational needs, and CALIBRE is one of several select firms licensed to sell BUILDER™ to the private sector.

Installation Management and Reporting
CALIBRE collects, analyzes, and ensures the accuracy of installation management information for DoD reporting systems through the use of BUILDER™ SMS, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and the Army’s Installation Status Report (ISR).  Our expertise in the standard service costing process supports, develops, and validates cost estimating relationships employed by the base operations support requirements models.

Installation Readiness and Impact Analysis
CALIBRE developed an extensive array of objective criteria for essential installation services that are measured to determine installation readiness.  These criteria are routinely applied to drive targeted investment actions that result in improved operations and sustainability.  Cost Estimating Relationships (CERs) are then derived from an analysis of the cost and performance results.  These CERs support a predictive model that determines the resources required to realize a desired performance level.  Analyses and modeling services result in quantifiable justification for required investment to achieve overall operational readiness.

Property Transfer Management
CALIBRE provides environmental services to support real estate transfers, including Phase 1 and Phase 2 site investigations, site characterizations, site remediation, brownfields development, GIS support, and expert witness litigation support.  Our subject matter experts support complex negotiations for the sale of a wide range of properties with great success.

Real Property Inventory Management
CALIBRE assists organizations in making prudent asset management decisions to retain needed, or dispose of unneeded, real property.  We use a combination of modeling, facility condition, lifecycle costs, and utilization and criticality to mission to determine recommendations for future facility use.  This provides the Federal Government more effective use of its maintenance budget and the ability to efficiently manage an inventory of real properties.  We have supported the DoD with the management of assets at a replacement value of more than $1.5 trillion.