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Program Management and Decision Support

Are you able to make decisions in an environment of uncertainty and with imperfect information?

CALIBRE develops decision support tools and structural management capabilities for organizations seeking to improve program performance through better management of uncertainty.  Once decisions are made, we partner with the organization to develop and document systematic processes for program management that link quality, schedule, and cost objectives; provide for the establishment of baseline plans; and use managerial cost control and earned value management to track and control program execution.


CALIBRE provides industry-leading support and solutions to solve the most important Program Management and Decision Support requirements.

Management Analysis and Program Assessment
CALIBRE develops and acquires data to evaluate program performance against baseline plans and targets, identifies and reports trends, and isolates potential challenges early in the program lifecycle.  We utilize a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art analytic processes and tools to advise on methods to manage programs and implement program transformation.  Our analysts are versed in a wide range of data collection methods, quantitative and qualitative analytical tools, program management techniques, and an in-depth understanding of the federal budgeting process.

Quality Management.
CALIBRE achieves industry leading quality standards using our ISO 9001:2008 and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 audited processes.  We tailor analysis and concepts to the individual need, ensuring continual improvement programs are in place and working effectively, and that root cause analysis procedures are effective.


Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Support.
CALIBRE supports BRAC and post-BRAC execution using management and technology solutions that simplify, modernize, and optimize mission support.  As organizations implement BRAC or BRAC-related requirements, attention to planning, requirements, and resource management is important to reduce risks.  Our solutions include planning, analysis and modeling, resource management, scheduling, environmental strategies and management, community interactions, strategic communications, and property transfer.  Our BRAC-related solutions can be scaled, adapted, and applied to assist any organization wishing to reduce and/or realign their infrastructure and resources.

Continuous Process Improvement
CALIBRE translates senior leadership strategy into specific operational business performance improvement opportunities.  At the enterprise level, we use coordinated team-based project execution to link performance improvement with the development of organic business process analysis.  Our improvement capabilities and methodologies deliver actionable solutions to address the issues facing public and private sector managers today.

Decision Analysis
CALIBRE’s decision analytics expertise provides strong quantitative and analytical capabilities across a full spectrum of government and commercial services.  Our solutions deliver a better understanding of the costs and risks associated with multiple decision options and ensure that high priority efforts and performance outcomes are maximized within a resource-limited environment.  We assist with risk analyses, risk assessment, economic analysis, and computer modeling for decision support.

Organizational Design, Evaluation, and Force Management Analysis
CALIBRE offers a full range of structural management capabilities that can assist any organization to improve efficiency, and meet its design constructs while maintaining its critical, core capabilities.

  • CALIBRE offers the necessary skills to manage organizational/management change and implement business transformation.
  • Our experts have decades of experience in force management, force development, and manpower analysis.  They maintain strong credibility with and connectivity across the DoD, its commands, and components.
  • CALIBRE organizational integration capabilities allow us to evaluate the entire organization’s contextual dimensions, including size, manpower, technology, environment, and goals. 
  • CALIBRE offers a detailed, in-depth capability to assist in conducting manpower surveys, developing concept plans, and performing cost benefit analysis (CBA) in a timely, accurate, and compliant manner.

Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE)
CALIBRE provides the expertise to link strategies, plans, and objectives with performance goals.  Our solutions include training and technical assistance to appropriately prioritize, resource, develop alternatives, monitor, and analyze performance to achieve mission success.  CALIBRE developed ePPBES, an on-line resource management IT solution that allows users to integrate resources, strategy, and policy across the entire PPBE process.  CALIBRE helps organizations balance near-term requirements and foundational programs, while preparing them for tomorrow’s likely challenges.

Requirements Modeling
CALIBRE provides expertise in updating and sustaining the Army Range Requirements Model (ARRM).  ARRM is an echelon-based, report driven application that generates installation range requirements for each fiscal year in the program objective memorandum by collecting, synthesizing, and aggregating Army master data from multiple authoritative data sources and data bases of record.  Range requirements generated by ARRM are then used by Commands, the Sustainable Range Program’s Executive Agent, and the Headquarters, Department of the Army to make budget decisions across three funding appropriations.

Risk Management
CALIBRE’s risk-based approach to program management, cost, schedule, and technical performance considers effectiveness, efficiency, and constraints due to applicable laws, directives, Executive Orders, policies, standards, and regulations to help organizations achieve their organizational mission.  CALIBRE provides managers with training to mitigate risk and apply risk management concepts.  We provide technical assistance for improved planning, estimation, and tracking and monitoring techniques, as well as managing technical performance, and allocating resources efficiently.