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Quality Assurance

CALIBRE will use the CALIBRE Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), as required, on the task orders executed on this contract. The QAPP addresses unique requirements of the project and serves as the vehicle for documenting how the Quality Management Program (QMP) is implemented for the project or activity. The QAPP conforms to CALIBRE's QMP dated January 1, 2006. CALIBRE's QMP has been developed specifically to formalize our corporate commitment to quality as reflected in our First Principle to "achieve superior quality" for our clients. Program documentation will be accessible to Our Team throughout the contract. Combined with the knowledge and experience of our Quality Assurance Group (QAG), each of our QAPP plans are developed using the well documented, time tested and repeatedly proven methodologies for establishing quality throughout each phase of a project. The QAG, consisting of the Executive Vice President, functional Domain Vice President and the project management team, will interact in monthly working sessions to provide leadership advice and process assistance throughout the contract so that the best solutions are developed and used. Every team member is aware that quality is inherent in their work products and services for this contract, that work must reflect a best effort and compliance with quality and process standards. Ultimate responsibility for quality lies with the QAG and the Project Director, with responsibility for conducting reviews or audits held by the Quality Assurance Manager. Reviews and quality activities, including peer reviews, will be documented as part of the process workflow for deliverable and other designated work products, with informal reviews conducted as needed for all products. Reviews will ensure that:

  • Products and services are compliant with or exceed defined standards and requirements;
  • Have minimal, if any, defects; and
  • Produce innovation, promote best practices and achieve cost savings to the client.

Reviews will be conducted at defined steps in the process, to validate progress, determine if deliverables will satisfy or exceed the client's requirement, and identify issues and appropriate corrections to the process. Prior to final delivery, the system will receive a functional configuration audit (that requirements have been developed as planned) and a physical configuration audit (that the correct system components are being deployed) using a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM). The RTM will be furnished to the client for Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V). Configuration Management will be ensured through versioning of specifically identified work products, the maintenance of baselines, and a change control system. Once a work product is complete and baselined, changes will only be made to it through formal change requests. A Change Control Board will assess the impact of the change, and if it approves the change, sets a priority and assigns it for completion.

Change requests will be tracked from submission to resolution. Change Control Boards will be held as often as needed and are convened by the Project Director. The Project Director and Quality Assurance Manager are accountable for applying the QAPP best practices for subcontract management to ensure quality deliverables. They will monitor, assess, and report subcontractor performance during task order execution by:

  • Assessing progress against schedule, as well as quality of services;
  • Evaluating costs expended to date;
  • Communicating frequently to resolve issues or changes in technical direction;
  • Ensuring adequate funding for subcontractors; and
  • Developing performance and quality assurance reviews for continuous improvement.

CALIBRE provides the Navy with a low risk collaborative partner, who has both technical and functional knowledge of the Navy. CALIBRE is an employee owned mid-sized company that has built its reputation on bringing together, in an integrated way, superior functional knowledge, functional skill, and application of technology to provide enduring solutions.


Quality Assurance