CALIBRE leverages more than 30 years of experience, with deep understanding of the technology platforms for complex technical and management challenges.


Our health, analytics, system development, operations, and data science experts combine medical science with computer science, engineering, and management to develop sophisticated data management solutions.

Clinical Trial Support
CALIBRE manages biomedical informatics collaboration, data collection, storage, access, and analysis for preclinical research and clinical trials. CALIBRE solutions support compound inventory and supply, and compound testing and analysis for potential development as treatments. Secure repositories house clinical study datasets for secondary analysis, cross-trial meta-analysis, data visualization, data mining, and patient safety reporting to meet clinical research regulatory requirements. Published study data for re-use by research community balances confidentiality, privacy, and usability.
Communications, Outreach, and Training
CALIBRE provides communication and outreach for health-related programs and initiatives, we deliver targeted messages through social media, scientific writing, technical editing, desktop publishing, graphic design, multimedia and video production, and conference planning and logistics. We test the effectiveness of web communications strategies using usage analytics to refine information delivery strategies. CALIBRE experts deliver training to integrate computational skills with biological research, using seminars, workshops, training, and web-based courses.
Data Management and Analytics
CALIBRE develops databases for integration and interoperability with agency enterprise systems. We migrate data and create cloud native repositories for cost effective storage and manipulation. CALIBRE integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to manage large datasets for sophisticated analytics. We apply data science to extract knowledge and accelerate insights from large sets of structured and unstructured data. Dashboards display health analytics results with data visualization tools and give system users easy access to real-time results.
Digital Transformation
We develop innovative and leading edge solutions that optimize investments for growth in utility over time. CALIBRE effects digital transformation for organizations that collect, store, analyze, and share high volumes of complex data. We transform legacy systems and ease adjustment to new systems, often helping organizations adapt to significant operational changes required for successful results. CALIBRE brings enterprise digital modernization technologies and methods to support the Federal mission and modernization mandates. We apply best practices, lessons learned, repeatable processes, common architecture, and common and shared services to accelerate and optimize transformation.
Domain Expertise
CALIBRE experts include health, analytics, development, operations, and data science professionals that combine medical science with computer science, engineering, and management to develop sophisticated data management solutions. We provide scientific staffing in health care domains, including public health, bioethics, health care policy, medicine, genetics, and molecular biology.
Financial Analysis and Business Solutions
CALIBRE integrates resource allocations, processes, monitoring, and reporting with complete financial, logistical, and inventory analytics. We implement vendor management and fraud detection systems that help biomedical and research facilities customers identify procurement trends, find process efficiencies, and mitigate risks. We support systems that track grant funding and expenditures to determine resource allocations by disease or disorder, identify research trends, and evaluate compliance with grant requirements.
Grants Management
CALIBRE provides organizations systems to track grant applications from administrative, scientific, review and budgetary perspectives, freeing client staff to focus on mission critical priorities. Readily accessible reports facilitate access to information from disparate research systems to support decision-making. Data repositories serve a wide variety of users with scientific, programmatic, and financial data. We create dashboards and other reporting tools to serve client-specific needs.
Integrate and Innovate IT Tools
CALIBRE develops tools and systems to integrate, analyze, manage, and interpret increasing volumes of complex structured and unstructured data. We evaluate business processes for continuous process improvement and document scientific and business processes in workflows for automation. We leverage Federal Enterprise Architecture to build a common architecture for an agency or program, facilitate code reuse, expedite modernization for current and future data management needs, and facilitate system integration.
Policy Support
CALIBRE provides policy research and analysis, technical services and administrative support to health and life science programs. We analyze policy issues in clinical research, including human subjects’ protection, regulatory guidance, and clinical trial design. Participation in agency committees on human subject protection and bioethics topics enables us to contribute to peer and program reviews; research and review health policies, review draft regulations and legislation, and support agency working groups.
health Informatics & Analytics HEALTH INFORMATICS & ANALYTICS

CALIBRE’s health informatics solutions support medical research and health organizations in their decision-making and communications to drive the greatest value to research program.


Our technical expertise in forecasting, and execution support coupled with tailored, integrated, and adaptable technical solutions provides a unique understanding of financial and logistics challenges related to resource management, planning and cost analysis.


Our integrated analytics, development, operations, and data science teams focus on creating information from a multitude of data sources; enabling organizations to make better decisions, faster.


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