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CALIBRE Awarded Human Capital and Training Solutions Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract

PRESS RELEASE / May 31, 2016

Alexandria, Virginia, May 31, 2016 – CALIBRE Systems, Inc. has been awarded the Office of Personnel and Management (OPM) / General Services Administration (GSA) Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) Government Wide Access Contract (GWAC).  The contract provides tailored training and development, human capital strategy, and organizational performance improvement services and is available to all Federal Government agencies.  It has a ceiling of $10 billion and a 10-year period of performance.

This award enables CALIBRE to compete for task orders in contract pools 1 and 2 across three key service areas: (1) Customized Training and Development, (2) Customized Human Capital Strategy, and (3) Customized Organizational Performance Improvement.  The vehicle is wide-reaching, and aims to provide federal agencies with high-quality and flexible support to design, develop, and implement human capital and training solutions to improve agency performance from the individual to the enterprise level.

“We are extremely pleased with this award and look forward to bringing our innovative and award-winning capabilities to new Federal clients,” stated Philip Rizzi, Vice President of CALIBRE’s Human Capital Management Division.  “We are proud to support some of the most important and successful human capital and training programs at large organizations such as the U.S. Army and Department of Veterans Affairs, and welcome the opportunity to expand that knowledge and experience to other organizations confronting workforce challenges.”

“Federal agencies today have increasingly complex human capital requirements – struggling to do more with flat or declining budgets and changing missions and priorities.  Having a workforce of the right size, with the right skills, motivated and engaged is the biggest challenge many government agencies face today and looking out into the future,” noted Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Jeff Giangiuli.  “Achieving higher levels of employee productivity and focus is key to their future success; we can help them get there.”

As an industry leader across several human capital management, training, and performance improvement areas, including transition, force management, and senior leader development, CALIBRE will continue to provide innovative solutions to the government’s human capital and training needs.

Disclaimer: There is presently a stay of performance, due to pending protests, on HCaTs Pool 1.

Alexandria, Virginia-based CALIBRE Systems, Inc. is an employee-owned management consulting and information technology solutions company supporting government and industry.  CALIBRE focuses on the success of our clients, and delivers enduring solutions that solve management, technology, and program challenges.

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