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CALIBRE Awarded Army Cloud Computing Enterprise Transformation (ACCENT) Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)

PRESS RELEASE / March 14, 2017

Alexandria, Virginia, March 14, 2017 – CALIBRE Systems, Inc. (CALIBRE) was one of the offerors selected for awards on the Army Cloud Computing Enterprise Transformation (ACCENT) agreement on February 27, 2017.  The three-year Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs) awarded have an estimated total value of nearly 250 million dollars.

In support of this effort, CALIBRE will provide commercial cloud service offerings and Information Technology (IT) support for the transition of Army enterprise system and applications to a commercial cloud environment or an Army Enterprise Hosting Facility (AHEF).  These requirements support the Army Data Center Consolidation Plan (ADCCP) modernization and migration needs.  The Army is moving designated IT applications, systems, and associated data to authorized commercial cloud service providers (CSP) and consolidating data centers to AEHF.

ACCENT will include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud service models and components managed directly by the application or system owner, or purchased as a service from the cloud service provider.  The BOAs allow Army leaders to obtain commercial cloud hosting services in any combination of service models, deployment models, and Impact Levels as defined in the DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (CC SRG), including transition support services required to move a system or application to a cloud environment.  Cloud requirements may also include mobile computer solutions such as access via smartphones and tablets.

“The ACCENT BOA will be the Army’s preferred source for cloud computing,” said Chris Hall, CALIBRE Vice President and Account Manager.  “CALIBRE will leverage its deep Army background and commercial cloud expertise to continue our tradition of supporting the Army in completing its mission.  ACCENT is intended to be used by all Army commands and organizations that require commercial cloud hosting, data center migration, transition support, and application modernization services.  This is an exciting step for CALIBRE as we prepare to help the Army improve and maintain information technology infrastructure.”

Alexandria, Virginia-based CALIBRE Systems, Inc. is an employee-owned management consulting and information technology solutions company supporting government and industry.  CALIBRE is committed to the success of their clients and delivering enduring solutions that solve management, technology, and program challenges.

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