Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS)

The purpose of HCaTS is to meet the needs of customers with complex human capital management and training based requirements who cannot use, or find difficulty using, the MAS Schedules, or other existing acquisition vehicles for a solution. HCaTS serves as the replacement to OPM's current TMA contract vehicle.


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The scope of the HCaTS pools are defined by three Key Service Areas (KSAs)

  1. Customized Training and Development Services
  2. Customized Human Capital Strategy Services
  3. Customized Organizational Performance Improvement


Veterans Affairs Transition Assistance Program (VA TAP)

CALIBRE’s work encompasses: program management and administration; onsite support activities at military installations to conduct and report on VA-supported activities; conduct in-person classroom briefings; provide information through generalized and one-on-one settings; and conduct briefer training and evaluation. CALIBRE support requires the capability for a worldwide program sustainment which can support up to 200,000 transitioning service members across more than 330 installations within the Contiguous United States (CONUS) and Outside the Contiguous United States (OCONUS) annually.

U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) G8 Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF) Support

CALIBRE improves the ability of Army and DoD personnel to understand, interpret, and apply Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF) principles, processes, and rules to the accurate, effective, and efficient conduct of Army budgeting activities. This improved performance is accomplished through 1) the design, development, and implementation of user-centric, integrated financial and logistical information displays that support significantly improved individual and team performance and decision making; 2) the development and delivery of effective training programs for appropriate stakeholder groups; and 3) the conduct of targeted coaching and mentoring interventions to selected individual Army and DoD personnel. Our team supports the AMC G8 team with the development of their annual WCF budget and coaches them through the population of budget exhibits and schedules as well as the narrative and justification requirements for this annual $8B budget. We provide a catalog of 11 different courses that can be delivered virtually or in person. Our courses are DoD FM certified and grant continuing professional education credits towards FM certifications.

U.S. Air Force Air Force Working Capital Fund Training and Staff Development Initiatives

CALIBRE provides training and staff development interventions designed to achieve and support effective Air Force Working Capital Fund implementation and operation. CALIBRE performs three (3) types of technical services during successful performance on this Task Order. First, we deliver existing training courses to target Air Force and Transportation WCF audiences as directed by the Government. Second, we develop, update, and maintain AFWCF and TWCF training courses. Third, we provide analytical program management, coaching, and mentoring support to members of the Air Force Working Capital Fund Budget and Execution Division in related topic areas. The overarching collective goal of this effort is to develop and maintain an Air Force workforce which possesses adequate subject matter expertise and technical proficiency in Air Force Working Capital Fund (AFWCF) principles and processes. We provide a catalog of 8 different courses that can be delivered virtually or in person. Our courses are DoD FM certified and grant continuing professional education credits towards FM certifications.


Program Manager:
Owen Lovejoy
IDIQ PMO Manager

Barbara A. Richitt, M.B.A.
Senior Vice President, Contracts & Procurement